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Scoot Sacks Scoot sacks are designed for protecting the legs of handicapped dogs with hind legs paralysis. It can also be designed for double amputees. Fabrics that are smooth for gliding are used to make these sacks, never plastic. They are breathable and don't crackle which can startle dogs.Scoot sacks can be teamed with my suspender outfits or made without affixing to suspender outfits. Measurements are take for both which need to be Emailed to Linda as she explains that. The recommended use is for indoors not outside where they can be subjected to sharp or splintered objects.

Dog Lifts The single panel lift with 2 handles allows one to place it under the dog's belly side to get an even lift motion. It's a much more secure way than trying to take a towel which ultimately stresses the back. Small $15 Lrg. $20 The double panel lift with 3 handles is for those that need hind end boosting as a dog can't swing their hips to get the momentum to hop up into a van or SUV. It's used for those that are to remain off of their hind quarters and for those that are not to step down on their hind legs even though they may have the desire to do so. The pic is showing a dog that had an ACL tear that could not put weight on that area even though his spirit made him want to climb stairs. The owner lifted that whole hind end up the steps as he used his front legs to propel himself. This lift then may be used as a single panel lift to go under the belly side and then subsequently be used for hind quarter boosting. Small $25, Lrg. $35